Posted by: laurawp | June 16, 2010

Cambria Pines Rug Show

Tiger Tamer Elizabeth Black at Cambria Pines

Gene interviewed all of his teachers on camera for his Internet Rug Camp and offered a few seats in the audience. it was fun watching the action as Gene interviewed Jane Olson with one of her beautiful rugs set up behind them, then Elizabeth Black with her latest Tiger rug. The young Camera man was kept busy for the 2 days he was there.

Wednesday is crazy day at the rug camp since we get kicked out of the dining ballroom to allow space for the rug show and then the Auction. we eat in the garden which can be fun when the weather cooperates… and it did this year. it’s a big effort on everyone’s part, but always worth it!

Orange Animal Wall

i learned this year that Marsha Shepherd is responsible for the beautiful layout of the Rug Show. Each wall is a collage of colour & design.

Buddha wall

Purple wall

During the Rug Show, Gene Shepherd took several photos of rug artists with their rugs. go to Gene’s blog to see many photos of the rug camp and show! here’s one of me!

Laura with her vineyard landscape; 'Oonapais'


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