Posted by: laurawp | June 14, 2010

Cambria Pines Rug Campin’

the Padre at San Juan Bautiste Mission

Getting to Cambria is part of the fun! i love the drive down Hwy 101 through the farm land and grand valley vistas. we like to stop at San Juan Bautista Mission for a half way stop and stretch. i’m thinking this photo might be a good rug pattern and plan to play around with it.

Gita and I agreed to stop by SFO and pick up Cambria Camper, Mary Lynn Gehrett. we had a leisurely start time to coordinate with Mary Lynn’s arrival from Chicago. It was fun getting to know each other and show off California to our new friend!

Gita & Mary Lynn picnic at the mission

We were at the Mission much later than we usually are and the activity was quite different. there were cars and trucks parked in front of the Mission, an ice-cream vendor was doing a brisk business, a farmers market was setting ups shop on one of the side-streets and i got my first peak into the Mission church. I guess the place comes alive after church lets out.

In this last photo, we’re looking over the El Camino Real; it’s running right below the drop off. The Spanish King’s Highway; lot’s of history in this little town.

View northwest from the picnic area.


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