Posted by: laurawp | May 22, 2010

Sync-ing up the lap top

Pris Butler and me at Cambria 2008

I’ll be off to Cambria Pines pretty soon and wanted to stay in touch with my dear old Em. I’m posting from my laptop tonight so I’ll be set up to blog if i want to… ha! we do have too much fun at Rug Camp, so i don’t expect to do much computering… but you never know!
If i can also charge up my walking ipod and down load my photos, it’ll be super nifty!

Pris Butler was my teacher in 2008; it was a great class with lots of original patterns taking shape.



  1. Laura, I’ll be looking for some blog postings during Cambria. Tell everyone HI for me and that “I wish I was there!” Phil is doing much better -walking more and getting more optimistic. He starts physical therapy tomorrow, and is looking forward to seeing what he can do that doesn’t cause him more pain! Hope everyone gets registered and you have a good start tonight. Tell Anne-Marie hi for me too! Sarah

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