Posted by: laurawp | May 21, 2010

Dyeing Wool for my Mini-Class at Cambria

Garden Heart with Special Stitches

Seems like Wednesdays & Thursdays are becoming my ‘Dye Days’! Not that I always get to Dye each week, but if I do… those are the days. Sometimes my dyeing goes well, sometimes I just work at it. I started getting inspired by about Thursday afternoon this time, but I did get some good dyeing done before that.

I’m getting ready to teach a little mini-class at Cambria Pines Rug Camp. It’s not required that my students buy my wool or my pattern, but I want to have plenty just in case they do! I dyed more of the light sky spot for the center background, some transcolor for the outside background, some pink & gold folded dips for the proddy flower and heart.

I’ll teach some ‘Special Stitches’ such as: Proddy, beading, Rip & Wrinkle, Random Fill, & Sneaking!

Cactus at the Mission

I am looking forward to going to Cambria, traveling with my buddy, Brigitta Phy. We’ll talk all the way, as we hardly ever get to visit otherwise. I love to stop at San Juan Baptista for a lunch break; it’s a funky little town with one of the original Spanish Missions that happens to still be used as a Catholic Church. Since we travel on Sunday, it’s possible that the congregation will be in church while we’re there. It’s a State Park, and there are other buildings included in the site, along with beautiful views of the farmland.


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