Posted by: laurawp | May 12, 2010

Camellia City Rug Exhibit in Sacramento

Blossoms at the Friends Meeting Hall

It was a lovely day in Sacramento on May 8, 2010 for a Rug Exhibit & Hook-in. Emma and I were asked to come and be Vendors; we were delighted! It was wonderful to see everyone from the Sacramento Rug Hooking community and the beautiful rugs on display.

Emma sold a couple of her braided rugs, while I sold patterns and hand dyed wool. it’s always interesting to see what people choose to buy. The little Rug Greeting Cards weren’t such a big hit but may be at Cambria’s Student Sale.

Everyone was picking up bargains at Robin Price’s table as she had lots of burlap patterns and Workshop projects from the stash of Gloria Grey. The money was going to a good cause and the burlap was in excellent shape. let her know if you’re interested in helping out… Robin’s Rugs

hooked by Neta Hylton

Neta Hylton hooked a beautiful version of the Leopard Prince…

hooked by Robin Price

I love Robin Price’s developement of this antique floral…

As you can imagine, there were many beautiful, colourful, funny, and delightful rugs at the Exhibit. My last photo is of the patriotic panel of small rugs… love the star Uncle Sam pillow!

1 of 4 panels of small rugs



  1. Hi Laura! I just found your blog – it’s great! Haven’t heard from you in awhile. I hope everything’s ok? We’re still working on Phil’s progress. More detail later. Sarah

  2. Hi Sarah,
    glad you found my blog… it’s fun and easy! thanks for your latest email… just haven’t had time lately… everything is fine.

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