Posted by: laurawp | May 1, 2010

MD Shores Rug School

Traveling from Silver Spring to Ocean City was a beautiful drive with budding trees, blooming dogwood and old 2 story farmhouses. As we got closer to the Chesapeake Bay, I noticed that there was standing water in fields and forest. It was a wet winter here too. As we finally approached Ocean City, we could see the Dunes hotel from across the bay; it looked just like in the brochure.
I was excited to teach a class at the Maryland Shores Rug School, my second Rug Camp Teaching experience. I was looking forward to connecting up with new internet friends, my students and old friends I’ve met through other rug hooking venues. It was great getting big hugs from Janice, Bill, Laura, Chuck and Fran; the family that runs the school!

Sunrise over the Atlantic

My classroom was right next door to my sleeping room, which I knew I would be sharing with Ingrid Hieronimus. She was driving down from Toronto and pulled in around 5pm. It was exciting to meet Ingrid as I’ve had her Primary Fusion dye book for years and recommend her dye kit to my students. We hit it off as we have lots in common and enjoyed sharing a room together. Ingrid brought a ton of dyed wool to sell, so I knew my students would have access to most any colour they might need. We were the new teachers at MD Shores and I even got to help her with her fabulous ‘Dye-Class’; showing her rugs that illustrated various dyeing techniques and finishing up a long dip that required standing on a chair!

Lynne Fowler's bubble portrait

My Class was exciting and nicely balanced; various portraits, a couple of primitive rugs, quite a few bubbles in 2 rugs and a familiar pattern; my ‘Love Birds’! I’m feeling lucky in my students after 2 rug camps; Portraits, Bubbles and other challenges. I hope they’re learning as much as I am!


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