Posted by: laurawp | April 23, 2010

Trip to Maryland

Since I was coming out to Maryland to teach at MD Shores Rug Camp in Ocean City; Sarah Province invited me to come and stay an extra day or 2 with her and Phil in Silver Spring.  Maryland was blooming with Dogwood, Azaleas, Forsythia and Tulips!    A regular Spring Extravaganza!  … Red Bud too.  

Sarah and I took the Metro into DC on Friday; to Dupont Circle, to the Phillips Collection to see Georgia O’Keefe.   It was a wonderful show starting with her charcoal drawings to her water colours to her oil paintings.  The show also included the Steigliz’s photographs of O’Keefe from when they were falling in love.  The O’Keefe show included 3 versions of her big florals; 1st, a realistic representation, 2nd, playing with the lines and colours, 3rd, a finely developed abstraction.

Sarah studies the paper wrapped flowers

After a leisurely lunch, we viewed the Impressionists that are part of the Phillips Collection.  We enjoyed seeing many Impressionist’s paintings that we had not seen before. ‘The Luncheon of the Boating Party’ by Renoir is there and you can see it on the Phillips Collection website… it is much more Brilliant in person!

the modern ambiance...

The exhibit also included Modern Art and that was when I wished my mother was with us! There was even a room with Richard Diebenkorn’s paintings!


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