Posted by: laurawp | March 20, 2010

Yellow Rose – Texas Ruggin’ 2010

Summerhill morning with Texas Live OaksWe had all kinds of weather in 4 days of Rug campin’.  I finally brought out my camera on the last day.  I enjoyed the trees, many poised to bloom with birds singing; Robins, Mockingbirds and many others I could not identify. 

My students were great!  Willing to take a chance on a new teacher.  We had a variety of projects; several portraits, a couple of bubbles, a giant floral, an American traditional and some beautiful fine-cut seashells!  It was a wonderful group helping me get my rug camp teachin’ feet wet.   Speaking of wet; it was raining on Tuesday when we were going to get our class photos taken, so there were individual photos taken instead.  Visit Yellow Rose Events on Facebook to see photos.

Janet Griffith's portrait of her mother and self

Janet enjoyed trying something different with her wide-cut portrait of her mother and herself, from a small snapshot.

a bubble for Maggie

Maureen Boswell was my first ‘bubble student’ and was determined to have a ‘see-through’ bubble instead of a ‘Rainbow’ bubble. Thanks for getting me started, Maureen.


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