Posted by: laurawp | February 27, 2010

Dyeing for 2 days…

Evergreen Clematis

It was a great day to be dyeing in the kitchen… raining hard outside, simmering wool steaming up the windows… snug!  When the sky cleared the sunshine was bright.  The dogs and I joined the rest of the critters outside… i grabbed the camera and a few shots of the Magnolia before all the blooms are ruined by the rain and wind.   the plants around here never really know what season it is… so they bloom early.  Plants are budding and the grass is growing… green!

Green… that’s what i was dyeing today.  I’m back to work getting ready for the Texas Yellow Rose Rug Camp… and also getting ready for Maryland Shores, so i won’t have to scramble when i get home from Texas.  Our guild is having a workshop with Anne Marie Littenberg so i need to figure out what landscape i’ll do.  there are a  few other things on my list… perhaps it’s all a bit too much.


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