Posted by: laurawp | February 24, 2010

Asilomar Sunsets

Rug Camp Classroom

Viewpoint was our Asilomar Rug Camp Classroom, small but well lit and well situated for those of us staying in Stuck-up Inn.  The path led from there down the hill to Phoebe’s Social Hall and further down to the Dining Hall.  Beyond, you could follow the boardwalk out to the Pacific Ocean and walk along beach and enjoy some beautiful sights and exercise.

Our Classroom was snug and full of rugs, supplies and campers!  20 students,  a store and a big common table where we had our mini-classes and daily Rug Show & Tell.  The lighting was great, so the extension cords were not needed until the ‘Hooked Card Mini-Class’ when hair-dryers were employed to hasten the drying of the glue.

February Sunset at Asilomar

At the end of the day, we were treated to a Sunset View, just a few steps from our classroom, on our way to Dinner.  We had the whole place to our selves until mid-week when over 600 Educators arrived for a Convention.  It was quite a change and we could hear the roar of people across the way at  Merrill Hall.


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