Posted by: laurawp | February 21, 2010

Asilomar Rug Camp

Asilomar by the Sea

We had a great week at Asilomar!  the weather was beautiful and the setting was dramatic.  Many of the trees at Asilomar are dead and broken, but new pines are growing in to replace the old ones.  the wild-life is very present and the air was filled with bird song and calls.  The tiny deer cautiously graze outside the windows of our wonderful little classroom.

We were all snug in ViewPoint; our classroom for the week.  Our accomodations in Stuck-Up Inn were more spacious than I expected.  Some of the rooms were quite small, but they were the exception.  Everyone was glad to be at Asilomar and our teachers did a great job!



  1. Laura,
    Your photo’s are great. Wow now i am published.
    I glad your mom had a good time that was a long day for her.

    See you in Cambra

    • Hi Neta, glad you like seeing your rug on my blog! Your Leopard Prince is so regal! And dressed in purple, the royal colour! Thanks again, Laura

      Laura (707) 762-2595

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